LiveAquaria’s Quarantine & Medication Methods


Have you ever wondered how large, saltwater livestock companies dealt with fish and coral quarantining? Well, LiveAquaria has a series of videos pertaining to their husbandry methods, and one of those is quarantining and treating fish and corals. Below is a video of the LiveAquaria staff dipping corals and quarantining new livestock, followed by a little explanation as to why you might want to dip and quarantine incoming livestock.

Not everyone quarantines their livestock prior to putting it in their system. This of course can lead to the introduction of pest organisms or algae that can become a major headache down the road. Red bugs, Acropora eating flatworms (AEFW), and red Planaria flatworms are just three of the common hitch hiking pests that can find their way into your reef aquarium and do some damage. At the very least they are annoying. So, following proper procedure, you can prevent the pests from entering into your system where they can become a full blown problem.

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