Reef Addicts Has Gone Live


Reef Addicts, a reef aquarium website run by Marc Levenson (aka melev) has officially gone live. This isn’t your typical aquarium site. There are no forums, as Marc previously stated in an email that “we have enough of those as it is”. Instead, the site uses podcasts, aquarium videos, product reviews, weekly spotlights, Q&A sessions, and even a “LFS Finder”. Additionally, there is a blog in which virtually any registered member can post articles. One last feature to highlight is the “Groups” section which features over 100 local aquarium clubs, and that list is growing. The website isn’t fully functional, as some of the links are “dead”, but the potential of this site seems unlimited.

I highly suggest everyone take a peak at Reef Addicts, register, and see what Marc’s new creation has to offer. Marc is definitely one of the most driven aquarium hobbyists that I know, and this new site will certainly be another great reef community.


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