ReefCentral Goes Mobile!

ReefCentral Tapatalk

ReefCentral Tapatalk

ReefCentral, the massive saltwater aquarium based community and forum has made a few changes as of late. In September they updated their forum to a newer version with more functionality, receiving a facelift in the process, and recently they have added a mobile option.

ReefCentral is expanding to reach the mobile crowd with their Tapatalk forum app. This app has two versions, a read-only version and a full version. The read-only version, as the name suggests, only allows mobile visitors to view the site and read forums. The full version, which runs $2.99, allows the user to read and reply to topics posted on the forum. So, if you just can’t get enough ReefCentral, they’ve got you covered. Just don’t try to drive and respond to a sale thread at the same time.

Tapatalk is currently only available for iPhone, Android, Nokia cell phones, with Nokia and BlackBerry versions coming in February.


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