ZEOvit Reef Tank Video


Here is a stunning video of an SPS dominated ZEOvit reef tank. One could say that the colors are “enhanced”, but in reality these are the more natural colors of these corals. It may be a bit confusing, seeing as how the owner of this tank has had to dose quite a bit of chemicals into his tank in order to achieve these colors, but the ZEOvit system promotes natural coloration. These colors are achieved only under pristine, nutrient deficient water conditions where nitrates don’t “brown out” the colors of the Acropora.

ZEOvit is an interesting topic to talk about. Some people love the colors and ultra-low nutrients that the ZEOvit dosing system provides, but others despise the colors and complain about how much work you have to put into a ZEOvit reef aquarium. This is a topic the AquaNerd Blog has somewhat shyed away from, and we’re not really even sure why. But we plan on bringing ZEOvit dosing out into the spotlight a bit as we have done the dosing ourselves, and have seen great results.


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