Mounting Coral Frags to Acrylic Rods


I came a cross this interesting video, where the demonstrator is attaching coral frags to acrylic rods. The idea of attaching frags to acrylic is not a new thing, but what the hobbyist used in the video to balance the coral is rather ingenious. The acrylic rod segment is placed into a vice, not your typical fragging tool but it works. Then super glue gel is applied to the surface of the acrylic rod and on the base of the coral. The frag is then placed on the rod to dry. But due to the large, top-heavy nature of this frag, it will likely fall down. Here’s where I was intrigued. The fragger in the video took a pipe cleaner, bent it over at a certain point, and used it to stabilize the coral while it dried. The brush portion of the pipe cleaner was inserted into the vice, where it is held in place. The bent metal handle held the coral in place nicely.


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