You Know You’ve Found an Aquarium Nerd When…


We usually take reefkeeping seriously around here, but I thought we could do something a bit more whimsical. This is a short list of how to spot fellow reef aquarium and saltwater aquarium keepers in the wild, away from the aquariums.

You know you’ve found a fellow aquarium nerd when…

  1. You can see the blue glow coming from windows in your neighborhood or apartment complex
  2. The person sports a t-shirt from a local aquarium club or product manufacturer
  3. An assumed hobbyist is telling his friends/family the species names of all the livestock at the public aquarium
  4. You spot the person using live fish boxes to pack up and move with
  5. You see a salt bucket being used  for some other, random purpose outside someone’s home.

It’s funny how you can spot fellow hobbyists. On a regular basis, I see at least two of these tell tale signs. For example, just recently I saw a Tropic Marin salt bucket being used to catch sawdust/debris under a table saw.


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