Second Annual MARSHReef Frag Swap and Picnic

MARSHReef Logo

MARSHReef Logo

Last October, the Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston (aka MARSH or MARSHReef) held a very nice frag swap and picnic combination, and now they are at it again. Though many frag swaps have been held in the past, this is only the second in which the club will combine outdoor activities on a hopefully gorgeous day with trading and selling hobbyist cultured frags and even a few pieces of equipment. The event happens tomorrow, April 25th, from noon to 3 pm. There will be a ton of food and drinks for the 120+ registered attendees and there should be frags galore. My new frag tank isn’t coral-ready, but I’ll be scoping out the goodies for drygoods or at least a few good photo ops.

For details on last year’s Frag Swap Picnic, as well as a ton of pictures, please visit: MARSHreef Frag Swap and Picnic.


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