ORA Red Goniopora

ORA Red Goniopora

ORA Red Goniopora

ORA announced that it will be releasing a new coral to their lineup. The coral is the highly sought after red Goniopora LPS coral. Goniopora, aka Flower Pot corals, and their close relatives Alveopora, have been notoriously difficult to keep alive in captivity. Their special diet and environmental requirements have lead to many frustrations among hobbyists. The last few years seem to have been a little more forgiving to the hobbyist, and that success has expanded tremendously thanks to ORA. ORA, or Oceans Reefs and Aquariums, is well known for their fish and coral aquaculture, and it’s only natural they tackle another difficult coral.

Below is a press release from ORA…

ORA Now Offering Aquacultured Red Goniopora

After nearly 10 years in production, ORA’s Red Goniopora is finally ready for release. This beautiful LPS coral is bright metallic red and has brilliant purple centers. It is truly 100% aquacultured and is considered to be very hardy. Red Goniopora tends to be an aggressive coral and when placed near a competitor it will supercharge its tentacles with nematocysts which will give them a white tipped appearance.


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