AquaGenesis RoboSnail Automated Glass Cleaner

AquaGenesis RoboSnail Automatic Glass/Acrylic Cleaner

AquaGenesis RoboSnail Automatic Glass/Acrylic Cleaner

Here’s an interesting piece of aquarium equipment, a robotic glass and acrylic scraper. The RoboSnail from AquaGenesis is a robotic snail that cruising your glass or acrylic aquarium scraping algae off of the viewing panes. The robotic snail senses the top, left, and right edges of the aquarium and calculates the appropriate cleaning pattern so the entire surface is cleaned. The aquarium’s information is stored in the RoboSnail’s internal memory that it can pull up during future cleanings. Additionally, the RoboSnail can be left turned on, which allows it to automatically activate once a day to clean your aquarium. If you don’t want to leave the cleaner on, simply manually activate whenever you want your aquarium to be cleaned and the RoboSnail will do its job. The price is set to just a little over $100. See below for more pictures of the RoboSnail, as well as the benefits of using one.

RoboSnail and Docking Station

RoboSnail and Docking Station

I think this is a neat way to automate some of the daily tasks required to keep our aquariums clean. However, the RoboSnail seems to be quite large, and it’s not without its limitations. For one, the device can’t switch to another side of your aquarium. Yes, you could manually move the robot to another side, but you lose complete automation at this point. Trivial I know, but someone will likely have this complaint. As far as size goes, the RoboSnail does appear quite large in the video (stay tuned for the video). This can be another major drawback to its implementation, as many aquarium keepers are very anal about what equipment you can see in the tank. Overall though, I think this device can be quite helpful, especially when you leave for a week or so and don’t want to come home to a huge cleaning task.

Benefits of Using the RoboSnail
Time is the greatest benefit of the RoboSnail. The user will gain hours of enjoyment viewing their aquarium instead of cleaning it.

Manual Labor of scrubbing the surface is not nesessary when using the Robosnail. You simply install and it does all the work.

Reliability is what the RoboSnail provides for the user. The RoboSnail will never miss its cleaning cycle as it is constructed under the highest standards using high quality materials.

The RoboSnail is more cost effective than any alternative aquarium cleaning solution. The RoboSnail is the only automated cleaner in the world and is patent pending. Products of similar price and function are only as effective as the operator’s cleaning routine and are time consuming and cumbersome.


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