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AquaGenesis RoboSnail Manual
We first stumbled across the AquaGenesis RoboSnail in June of last year and immediately likened it to one of those automatic vacuum cleaners, only this one was for aquatic use. Since first laying eyes on it, this robotic glass cleaner has always intrigued us simply for the fact that it is a robot. A robot working on an aquarium sounds totally awesome right? Unfortunately, the RoboSnail had a little difficulty getting off the ground. These delays were minor, as they were mostly due to some updating that the creators felt were necessary to expand the product’s functions and capabilities, and recently we received news that the official product release is actually within reach. In a promotional email sent out yesterday, AquaGenesis indicated that they were currently talking with distributors and were drawing closer to an official release date. Pre-orders for individuals are slated to begin in the first quarter of 2012, and the brains at AquaGensis have even hinted at more functionality that apparently wasn’t a part of the original design. We haven’t received word as to what this surprise may be, but we’re hoping for the ability to move around corners.

AquaGenesis RoboSnail Packaging


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  • Bobby Thom

    that is sick! I’m soooo getting one

  • Bobby Thom

    “The RoboSnail does not turn corners but we are considering this possibility for the future”

  • Bobby Thom

    · On/Off activation switch
    · Sleek modern design
    · Two Tone metallic finishing with two colors to chose from
    · Compact size (100mm-125mm)/ (4 inches x 5 inches)
    · Light weight and durable
    · Fully automated cleaning mode
    · Customizable cleaning settings for standard and custom aquarium set ups
    · Glass or Acrylic compatible
    · Highly efficient engineered CPU
    · Modern drive system engineered for years of use
    · Universal adaptor guide arm
    · Docking Station
    · Battery powered
    · Replaceable battery
    · Specially designed scrubber that helps remove animals from the glass/acrylic
    · Replaceable scrubber pad
    · Variable glass thickness option switch (6mm-12mm)/ (.25inch_.50 inch)
    · Capable of cleaning aquariums from (208 liters-946 liters) (55 gallons- 250
    · Virtually user free maintenance
    · 6 month Warranty

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