Our New Forums are Now Live


The new AquaNerd Forum is now live. I’m sure there will be some additional tweaking, but it has been tested and it does work. To become a member and have access to the blog, simply register on the AquaNerd site by clicking the Register link on the bottom right-hand side of the AquaNerd homepage.

How is the AquaNerd Forum new? We did have an AquaNerd forum in the past, but it wasn’t quite what we wanted. It worked well, but it wasn’t part of this site. It was it’s own separate entity and I wanted everything to be located on one website. So, the new forum was created and we’re hoping to take full advantage of its capabilities. Our new forum can be found by clicking the Forums tab at the top of this page. Be sure to stop in and let us know about your aquarium, share a tank build, ask a question, or show off pictures of your favorite fish or coral.


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