Picture of the Week – 6/21 – 6/27

Gramma Dejongi

Gramma Dejongi

Photo Courtesy of Paul Geleen

Pictured in this week’s AquaNerd Picture of the Week is the Gramma dejongi that recently became available to aquarists. This fish is native to Cuban waters, and seeing as how there’s a small trade embargo getting in the way, this fish won’t exactly be available to US aquarium keepers through the normal channels.


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  • The Dejongi's are now swimming a couple of weeks in my nano-tank and are doing well. very friendly towards other fish and always on front.
    If someone likes it, I sent some more pictures.
    Paul Kroonen

    • Hi Paul,

      I want to thank you again for letting us use the photos of your gorgeous fish. I haven’t seen any here in the US, but I would love a pair of my own. And if you’ve got pictures you would like to share, just let me know. I would love more photos.

      • Kroonos

        Hi AquaNerd,

        I have some beautifull new (professional) pictures made by a german guy. How to post them?


        • hey paul, i just sent you an email with a few options.