Skimz Kone Protein Skimmer

Skimz SK2 Kone Skimmer

Skimz SK2 Kone Skimmer

Skimz Aquatics is Singapore based aquarium equipment company that builds protein skimmers, calcium reactors, and various other types of aquarium filtration devices. They produce the increasingly popular Skimz Monzter protein skimmer, and even have their own cone shaped skimmer, which is the focus of this article. The Skimz Kone skimmer functions as both an internal and external protein skimmer, allowing for the aquarist to use it in multiple different setups. The Kone comes in two sizes, the SK1 and the SK2. The SK1 Kone skimmer is rated for aquariums around 210-gallons. The SK2 is suitable for tanks up to 400-gallons. Both skimmers utilize Aquabee pumps and bubble diffusing plates, allowing for great air intake without their being too much turbulence within the skimmer body. Below is more information about the protein skimmers as well as an additional picture.

Skimz SK2 Kone Skimmer

Skimz SK2 Kone Skimmer

The New Skimz KONE protein skimmer is the successful result of blending state-of-the-art technology with attractive design. KONE’s conical-shape has distinct design advantages – the bubbles in the reaction chamber are forced to move vertically upward, resulting in natural foam formation to minimize bubble bursting. This natural foam formation of the bubbles reduces surface agitation, thus creating a gentle foaming within the skimmer and results in increased skimming efficiency. Together with the use of the bubble plate design, turbulence within the reaction chamber is significantly reduced, allowing maximum air flow capacity in a compact skimmer.

Every KONE range of product is hand-crafted with the highest quality materials and precision CNC machined.

* Aquabee needlewheel technology
* Unique attractive design yet offers superior skimming ability
* Removable bubble plate for easy cleaning
* Twist-lock neck for easy cup removal
* High precision CNC machined parts
* Top quality +GF+ pipe fittings


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