Ecoxotic Releases the Photo Cannon LED Light

Ecoxotic Photon Cannon Pendant

Ecoxotic Photon Cannon Pendant

After months of anticipation, Ecoxotic is finally releasing their LED powered Photon Cannon. These lights feature a single, 50-watt high intensity LED multi-chip that puts out some serious light, which will come in two color choices, 12000K white and 453nm blue. Additionally, each light will feature a 100 dregree reflector, allowing for superb penetration even into the deepest parts of your aquarium. There is no cooling fan required, so your lights will run dead silent. Each light will set you back $549, which is just a little more expensive single metal halide setup (bulb, ballast, and reflector). But given the fact that the Photon Cannon LEDs

Check out our gallery of Photon Cannon images below, as well as more product information.

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Here is some additional information, as well as a description of the Photon Cannon from Ecoxotic.

  • LED’s last up to 50,000 hours
  • 12000K White or 453nm Blue
  • Superior penetration compared to halides
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use
  • Polished 100 degree reflector
  • Quiet – no cooling fan
  • Dimensions: 8” H x 6” Dia. (203.2mmx153mm)
  • Power cord: 144” (365.76cm)
  • Input Voltage: 100-230V
  • Watts consumed: 60w

What do aquarists dream of? Being able to replace their metal halides with a cooler, more energy efficient lighting solution. The Cannon LED aquarium pendant makes this a reality. Emitting a bold, crisp and vivid light, metal halides have been put on the endangered species list.

Compact and powerful, the single, high-density LED multi-chip coupled with polished reflector produces an intense, sharp beam of light penetrating water more effectively than metal halides. Packaged inside an IP65 rated circular module with glass lens – makes them ideal for harsh aquatic environment. Whether you have a deep aquarium at home or manage a large shark exhibit at work – the Cannon LED pendant provides a viable lighting alternative to those old school halides.

Each pendant features a 50 watt multi-chip LED, integrated driver, polished aluminum reflector, glass lens, and an adjustable hanging kit. Available in 12,000K White and 453nm Blue.

Stay tuned for a video of these amazing Photon Cannons in action, as well as the official product release information from Ecoxotic.


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