Video of the Ecoxotic Photon Cannon Over Reef Tank


Here is a video of the Ecoxotic Photo Cannon we discussed over the weekend. This gorgeous reef tank has only four of these LED Photon Cannons illuminating it, for a total of about 240watts of use. According to Ecoxotic, the Photon Cannons use only 60watts of energy each, which is virtually nothing when comparing it to a 250watt metal halide setup.

Additionally, these lights are said to be able to penetrate even the deepest reef aquariums. Ecoxotic tested them out over a 15 foot deep tank (yes, 15 feet tall!) and the Photon Cannons outperformed 400watt metal halides over this aquarium. I can’t wait to get some PAR numbers on these bad boys, but until then we’ll just have to watch the videos and speculate.


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