Get Your Hands off My Macroalgae

Grape Caulerpa Racemosa

Grape Caulerpa

For years, the plants we use in our saltwater aquariums have been under attack by legislatures in states like California and Hawaii for obvious reasons. California has outright banned Caulerpa sp. from being sold or possessed due to its aggressive nature. This pursuit to ban or prevent invasive species has finally hit home. The State of Texas, along with many other ocean-bordering states, is now gathering information on macroalgae and other non-native wildlife in order to determine if they can be legally sold and possessed. The plants they are focusing on of course, are those related to the aquarium hobby, as indicated by Lance Robinson of the TPWD (Texas Parks & Wildlife) Coastal Fisheries in a recent posting on the Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston. While I am all for protecting local waterways, we must do it sensibly. I’m not indicating that what is currently going on is not for the best, but the situation does need to be handled delicately.

If you would like to chime in on the issue, email us at, click on the MARSHreef link above to find Lance Robinson’s email address, or contact your state government. Even if you aren’t from Texas or a state that borders some part of an ocean, please contact your state office holders and let them know how you feel. They need our input so they can make a more sound decision.


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