Orphek LED Lighting for Reef Tanks

Orphek Power Reef Aquarium LED Lighting System

Orphek Power Reef Aquarium LED Lighting System

Here’s a very interesting LED light fixture that I came across on Direct Aquarium’s website. The Power Reef LED light fixtures from Orphek have been specifically designed for use over reef aquariums containing stony corals. The manufacturer even claims the PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) and PUR (photosynthetically usable radiation) levels are equivalent to that put out by metal halides and other LED lighting systems. In addition to this, the fixture is made of acrylic and coated aluminum that is supposed to be resistant to the corrosive saltwater. All these claims aside, the one thing that really peaked my interest was the built-in timer that allows for full daytime and nighttime lighting simulation. Orphek’s description leads the reader to believe that the timer controls either the intensity of the fixture by turning on and off specific LEDs in the array. If this is the case, it’s certainly a nice feature to have. Regardless of the companies claims, one thing can be certain…the corals in their Photo Gallery look stunning under their LED light fixtures.

For pricing and model details, please read below…

Orphek Power Reef Aquarium LED Lighting System

Orphek Power Reef Aquarium LED Lighting System

Product Information:

Orphek 24″ Aquarium LED Lighting Power Reef PR-156...$850.00

  • Is exclusively developed for hard corals reef aquariums.
  • Designed with a combination of white and blue Power LEDs.
  • Daylight and moonlight controlled separated.
  • Designed with resistant aluminum inox and acrylic materials. It is completely sealed not allowing any passage of water to the LEDS and protected against rust, shock and vibration.


  • Length 607mm x Width157mm x Hight 50mm
  • Length 24 inch x Width 6.1 inch x Hight 2.0 inch
  • Input voltage AC 85V-264V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 120w~156w
  • LED Qty: 60pcs, combines 76% of White LEDS and 23% of Blue LEDs
  • Color: White Led 16.000k 160lm, Wavelength: Blue 450nm- 460nm
  • Working environmental temperature – 20 to +50 c degree
  • Equal to MH/HPS light 250W-400W

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  • chris

    do the fixtures come with any hanging apparatus?

    • i'm not sure. i didn't read anything indicating that it came with a hanging kit and i didn't see any pictures of one. so i will assume no, until proven otherwise.

  • todd

    Great post, the LED lighting here brings another dimension to the reef tank. The LED effect truly brings out the functionality of the tank. While I admit I work for Sharp, in all honesty, their LED bulbs are truly some of the most prominent in intensity and clarity. I would highly recommend those for people looking for accent LED lighting.

  • Nowadays, led lighting products are more and more popular. Thanks!

  • Bob Mutty

    Direct Aquarium has this item for $700 or so, on their site. I've already received mine. Awesome!

  • darrell

    Does anyone know where to get these for the price on this page? For 497, i'll take 2 right now. the cheapest that ive been able to find is 700.

    • honestly, that price originally came from orphek. it\’s obviously not correct, but i\’m not sure why there\’s such a difference in their original number and what they are currently being sold for. perhaps that\’s the wholesale price?

  • Percty

    It's now up to 850.00 everywhere I see it . All 3 US retailers .

    • yeah, i’ve seen this too. i think the price on orphek’s website was a wholesale price since they don’t sell directly to the public. their website has changed a bit since we first discussed their products, so i’ll update our article to reflect pricing available to the hobbyist.

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  • fishdood

    I checked the website and that one fixture only outputs 8,000 lumens. A small 150 watt metal halide puts out 12,000 lumens. Something to consider, especially for light sensitive organisms! Nothing can replace 250 watt or greater metal halides for hard corals, clams, anemones, as of yet.

  • Lumens means absolutely nothing for reef invertebrates, only for the human eye. PUR is everything. We use these fixtures on our high-end reef installations and they easily replace 400w halides.

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