Rare Red Mandarin Dragonette

Red Mandarin Dragonette from Sea Dwelling Creatures

Red Mandarin Dragonette, Picture by James Smith of Sea Dwelling Creatures

With all the hype surrounding the new ORA captive bred mandarin gobies, somebody had to mix things up. Above is a picture of a Red Mandarin Dragonnette from Sea Dwelling Creatures. This mandarin goby is actually supposed to be an albino, lacking its dark green and blue pigmentation. Instead, this goby has red and white stripes. Additionally, this fish is apparently sold. There’s no information on who bought it or how much it went for, but it was a great pickup to say the least. There’s a video of this super rare fish, but the video is quite long and the quality is certainly lacking. But hopefully whoever picked up this gorgeous specimen will take some high quality images and video and share it with the rest of the world.


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