Update to the EcoTech Marine Battery Backup Recall

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A few weeks ago we discussed the recall involving the cables connecting the wireless VorTech pumps to both Ecotech Marine and IceCap, Inc. battery backups. Initially, EcoTech Marine would handle all of the recalls involving their new battery backup, while IceCap would be handling the recall for the original, older style backup. However, to reduce any confusion and to help streamline the recall, IceCap is letting EcoTech Marine handle all of the recalls.

Here’s the models affected by the Battery Backup recall:

  • All MP40w Pumps equipped with the WWD
  • Any MP40 and MP20 pumps that have been upgraded to the WWD

Continue reading below for the official notice sent out by EcoTech Marine.

Battery Backup Recall Update for IceCap Customers

As you are aware, EcoTech Marine issued a recall for the battery backup cables on our battery backup accessory. We originally encouraged those who own the IceCap Battery Backup to contact IceCap directly to inquire regarding replacement cables. IceCap has since requested that EcoTech Marine distribute replacement cables for them. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we will be streamlining this process by handling the distribution of cables to IceCap Battery Backup customers in addition to EcoTech Marine Battery Backup customers.

If you own the IceCap Battery Backup, please contact us using our form to receive your replacement cables. We appreciate your business and support and encourage you to contact us if you have questions.


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