Xaqua X-INOUT – Wavemaking Overflow and Return

X-Aqua X-Inout from Fins Reef

X-Aqua X-Inout from Fins Reef

Fins Reef has a really unique product on their hands with the Xaqua X-Inout. It is a wavemaking system that is built right into the overflow box and return line. This interesting device requires zero electrical input. It works off of the existing water flow and pressure created by your return pump. The Xaqua X-Inout will require two holes drilled into the back of your aquarium to operate. So it might be difficult to incorporate it into an existing glass aquarium. Obviously acrylic tanks would be much easier to add this device to. Regardless of the aquarium, the Xaqua X-Inout creates some serious waves. I will admit I had my doubts, but these were quickly washed away when I saw the various videos of these things in action.

These wavemaking return systems will set you back approximately $180. But given the fact that it requires zero energy and therefore adds nothing to your operating expenses, it will very quickly pay for itself. See below for the Xaqua X-Inout’s features and additional information from Fins Reef. Stay tuned for a video of this neat little wavemaking device.

X-Aqua X-Inout from Fins Reef

X-Aqua X-Inout from Fins Reef


  • The particular internal conformation of the water flow in this new model enables the distribution of an impulse flow which creates a beneficial wave effect
  • It is fixed externally
  • It prevents altering the volume of the tank
  • It prevents from having to empty the tank when changing the o-ring as with normal well-traps
  • It eliminates risk of leakage
  • It does not require the perforation of the bottom of the tank, where there is always the risk of braking the tank’s bottom sheet of glass
  • Calibrated water flow to enable blockage in case the pump goes off
  • Adjustable junction for directing water flow
  • Wide-mesh suction grid which is removable for clearing from sedimentation

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