DSPS From Thailand Latest Video


The enormous DSPS tank from Thailand has got to be one of the most infamous tanks in the aquarium world, and the videos keep rolling out. The latest video, uploaded to YouTube only yesterday, shows just how much this gorgeous reef has matured. The colonies are getting massive and you can see less and less of the live rock structure. The one thing that really stand out, beside the pure beauty and health of the livestock, is the amount of flow circulating in this aquarium. At approximately 1000 gallons, this tank would require an awful lot of pumps to get just a trickle at the water’s surface. Corals at the bottom of the aquarium can be seen vigorously blowing around in the current, indicating that their is a ton of water movement in this tank, or some strategically placed powerheads are giving off that impression. Regardless, water flow in any aquarium of any size is very important, and this tank just backs up this idea even more.


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