If You had a Silverside, This is Where I’d Tell You To Stuff It


OK, cheesy title, but it made me chuckle. If you have a predatory fish, such as a lionfish or grouper, the video below will help your fish get the nutrition it needs. Silversides are a favorite food item among aggressive fish owners because they are inexpensive and readily available. Additionally, the fact that they are whole fish usually entices finicky fish into eating. Despite this, a strict diet of silversides won’t provide all of the vitamins and nutrition your fish needs. To make their food more nutritional, a lot of aquarium keepers stuff vitamins and other supplements into silversides prior to feeding them to their fish.

The following is a great instructional video demonstrating just that…stuffing silversides full of vitamins. You don’t have to use the ingredients shown in the video. You can use various vitamins and natural supplements, and you can even stuff food items other than just silversides. Krill, mysis shrimp, and a whole assortment of other foods can be enriched with all sorts of vitamins. Some are commercially available while others can be household items.


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