Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets

Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets

Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets

Vertex Aquaristik, a company that has absolutely exploded onto the aquarium products market, has released their own version of the Bio Pellets. The pelletized carbon source has recently become a very popular aquarium item. The pellets are placed into a media reactor and allowed to tumble gently in the water flow. The polymer-based pellets degrade in the water, providing a source of carbon (i.e. food) to aquarium bacteria. Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria show increased populations as a result of adding the pelletized carbon. Having this increase in bacteria leads to improved biological filtration and water clarity. Additionally, your aquarium will be provided with bacterial plankton to feed filter-feeding organisms and corals. Continue reading below for product release information as well as dosing instructions.

A milestone in probiotics system implementation, management and maintenance. Consisting of 100% pure PHA bio-degradable polymers, Vertex Pro-Bio pellets provide a pure steady supply of organic carbon fuel source for bacterial growth in aquaria. Both aerobic and anaerobic strains demonstrate increased population and colonization. This can result in improved biological filtration, water clarity as well as providing your system with necessary bacterial plankton to nourish other organisms, filter-feeders and corals.

Use 50 – 200 ml of media per 100 liters of net system water volume. Use in fluidized media filter or passively in an area with adequate flow. Lack of proper water movement or overdosing can result in production of Hydrogen Sulfide which has a foul rotten egg smell. Always start with smaller dosage and gradually increase to required dose. Rapid changes in water parameters can harm your animals. Not recommended to use in conjunction with Phosphate removers. Ozone injection and or UV filters can be used however not recommended. Suitable to use in fresh water, saltwater systems and Ponds. Provide proper system oxygenation or protein skimmer if used in Saltwater applications. Vertex Aquaristik cannot be held accountable for any loss of livestock and or any other damages due to misuse of this product may cause.


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