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Do you have a passion for the saltwater aquarium hobby and love to write? The AquaNerd Blog is in search of more writers. We are seeking reef aquarium enthusiasts who are active in their aquarium communities and want to regularly share their experiences and ideas with the world. If you are an aspiring writer, this couldn’t be a better gig, as there are no deadlines and no pressure. Once you become a member of our team, you can write freely about whatever interests you (aquarium related of course) and whenever you want. We will never pressure you to write an article or dictate what you must discuss. We may offer up a suggestion from time to time, but this is purely for collaborative purposes and to help get ideas flowing.

Even if you don’t want to write regularly, you can still contribute. If you have a great unpublished article you have written or an idea that you want to share with fellow aquarium keepers, you can submit it to us via email. We will post it as a guest submission, making sure to attach your name to the article so you get credit. If writing is absolutely out of the question, you can also submit photos for us to use in some of our articles. There is a countless number of ways you can contribute to the AquaNerd community

If you are interested in joining our team or contributing in any way, please email me at admin@aquanerd.com.


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