Acans Up Close and Personal on Video


Leave it to a frequent AquaNerd reader to completely put my video skills (or lack thereof) to absolute shame. The reader, who goes by the handle “soymilk” and frequents my local aquarium club’s forums by the same name, was inspired (as he puts it) by our LPS Coral Feeding on Video footage and decided to venture into the fabulous, yet time consuming world that is videography and subsequent video editing. The Acan was hand fed, as can be seen in the video, and it’s feeding response was much more drastic and impressive than what could be seen in ours. The camera caught every minute detail of the feeding and I was blown away by the imagery.

The only excuse I have for such a crummy video was I was using an old camera that had zero HD capabilities and severly lacking ability to adjust any settings. The camera that shot the video above is a Sony Alpha DSLR with a 100mm macro lens. So I tip my hat to you “soymilk”, and keep those videos coming. They look great!


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