Ecoxotic Panorama 36 LED Retrofit Seen on Video


Only yesterday we introduced the Panorama 36 LED retrofit system from Ecoxotic, and in less than 24 hours a stunning video of the fixtures has surfaced. The video not only shows the brilliant light being emitted from the LEDs, but it also shows two different ways to retrofit these lights into your aquarium canopy. Either bolt the light directly to the hood, or cut a square hole and drop the lights in. Either way, your tank will be flooded with a healthy dose of light from the very efficient LEDs.

The Ecoxotic Panorama LED retrofit only uses 42 watts of energy. The 36 LEDs are comprised of white and blue bulbs in a 2:1 ratio, providing a crisp white light with a hint of blue. The heatsink negates the need for cooling fans, making your aquarium much quieter and potentially decreasing both temperatures and evaporation rates.


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