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It would appear that Sonny from Rimless Reef has been extremely busy over the last several weeks. Not only has he taken down his once gorgeous rimless reef aquarium (don’t worry, a much bigger tank is on the way…read about it HERE), but he’s also starting up his very own online store called Pro Corals. The store, though not officially open for business until October 4th, will offer plenty of gorgeous corals and drygoods. The focus will be primarily on SPS, but other corals will certainly be available as frags, colonies, or in awesome frag packs. And the fun doesn’t stop just there. Pro Coral will also be offering “a full line of supplements,additives, and filtration under the Pro Corals label” according to their site.


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  • Hey buddy, thanks for love. We are ready to rock and roll this coming Monday. The response has been incredible and my emails and phones have been nonstop for the past two days.

  • hey man, no problem. i'm excited to see what you will have in store.

  • Where are you guys located? ¬†BTW, you guys have some beautiful acans and those candy apple red zoas are amazing.

    • sonny primarily deals online. he has a forum over on reef2reef as well as a website to purchase from.