The Lone Star Marine Aquarist Rally


Lone Stare Marine Aquarist RallyThe Marine Aquarist Association of South Texas (MAAST) is hosting the Lone Star Marine Aquarist Rally Saturday, October 2nd in San Antonio, TX. The main goal of the event is help educate aquarium enthusiasts about proper husbandry techniques through the many speakers that will be present. The lineup includes Frank Burr, Murray Camp, Peter Kordelski, Randy Reed, and Dr. Adelaide Rhodes. The speakers will cover topics like SPS care, carbon and probiotic dosing methods, refugiums and sandbeds, aquarium feeding strategies, and even reef invertebrates such as copepods. Several renowned vendors will be at the event, including Cherry Corals, Coral Rx, and Aquatic Auctions to name a few.

The LSMAR event will begin at 9 am and tickets will be $30 at the door (or $25 if ordered prior to the event). Given that the event is merely a few hours away from my house, I just might load up a few people and make the trek west to San Antonio to hear some of the topics and chat with hobbyists about the current state of the aquarium industry.


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