The New Vortech MP60

EcoTech VorTech MP60

EcoTech VorTech MP60

EcoTech Marine has announced the new product they would be unveiling at MACNA this year is the VorTech MP60wES. This product has been long rumored, and we sort of predicted its arrival when EcoTech Marine announced that it would be releasing something new. This pump is reportedly capable of achieving flow of 5500 gph and able to handle aquariums up to 1″ thick. The VorTech MP60 won’t be available until later this year and will retail for $695.

Stay tuned for more product information as it seeps out. And be sure to continue reading below for the official product release news from EcoTech Marine.

EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized the reef aquarium propeller pump, previewed their newest product, the MP60w ES, today at MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) in Orlando, FL.

The MP60 is engineered for tanks holding 120 to over 1,000 gallons with up to one-inch glass thickness. The MP60 uses the same award-winning technology that has made EcoTech Marine’s VorTech line the number one brand of pump among reef aquarium enthusiasts. Capable of pushing 5,500/gph, the MP60 offers the smallest in-tank footprint for a commercially available pump.

“The MP60 satisfies a pent-up market demand for VorTech technology in larger tanks,” said Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. “Prior to this launch, aquarists with tanks having pane thicknesses greater than three-quarters of an inch had very few options for high-flow solutions. We are excited to provide this much desired solution for the most discerning and die-hard hobbyists. Performance and quality are always our top priorities. This addition is a natural evolution for us, and perfectly rounds out our VorTech line of products.”

The MP60 was designed to create the most flow in the smallest package possible. In EcoTech Marine’s quest to continually raise the bar on reef flow technology, the unit runs quiet, cool and with minimal vibration. “This is a very proud introduction for us,” added Marks.

The MP60’s unmatched flow and out-of-the-box multi-pump wireless communication makes it the best value on the market for larger tanks. The MP60 leverages EcoSmart driver technology, introduced earlier this year, providing unmatched versatility, controllability and customization of flow patterns.

EcoTech Marine’s patented VorTech technology produces broad yet gentle flow while placing the motor outside the tank–preserving the beauty of the aquarium and enhancing the health of the tank’s ecosystem.

Availability and Pricing
The MP60w ES is slated to be available later this year through EcoTech Marine’s network of premiere reef stores and online vendors with an MSRP of $695. Keep checking our website for an exact release date.


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