JBJ USA 3watt UV Nano Zapp


JBJ 3w UV Nano Zapp

Along with the new Ocean Stream pumps, JBJ USA is also releasing their brand new UV sterilizer for nano aquariums. Dubbed the UV Nano Zapp, this ultraviolet sterilizer will have a 3watt UV bulb and will be fully submersible. The bulb will be surrounded by a Quarz shield, which will keep temperatures around the bulb over 100 degrees, allowing the sterilizer to achieve a maximum kill rate according to JBJ. To ensure the bulb is clean and operating, a large viewing window is located at the bottom of the sterilizer unit. A small, Maxi-Jet style pump is also located at the bottom of the sterilizer.

The price and tank size rating for these UV sterilizers hasn’t been released. We are also unsure of the sterilizer’s dimensions, but keep in mind the term “Nano” is in the name. We’re assuming they are designed for aquariums like the JBJ Nano Cube, which top out at 28-gallons, so they won’t be very large in size and they will probably only handle aquariums around that size. It also appears that this sterilizer is designed to run inline with JBJ Nano Cube’s return pump, but details are still lacking for the moment.


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