Krzysztof Tryc’s Amazing Bio-Pellled Fueled Aquarium


Shown in the video above is the stunning SPS aquarium of Polish aquarist Krzysztof Tryc. This gem of a reef tank is roughly 200 gallons, illuminated by T5HO lighting, and fueled with NP reducing BioPellets. The pellets have become very popular among many circles, as they provide an inexpensive source of food for rapidly growing bacterial populations. Obviously they serve this aquarium well, as you can see.

ZEOvit was originally used in the tank, but the pellet media quickly replaced those additives. Krzysztof was looking for an easier method of filtration that was able to handle nitrates and phosphates, but a media that would also feed his reef. The solution was obviously found in the form of biopellet media, which continues to draw a crowd (in both vendor and hobbyist form). The coral colonies are robust and healthy, and the aquarium is devoid of any apparent nuisance algae.

For more information (as well as a ton of pictures), please visit Krysztof’s Reefkeeping Magazine Tank of the Month article.


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