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Reef Culture, a fish store in Arizona and an Ecoxotic dealer, shows off their exquisite and extraordinarily clean fish store in the video above. Every tank in the store is illuminated with Ecoxotic LED fixtures, showing off exactly what LEDs are capable of. The lights are even mounted to the ceiling, and the corals and clams glowing below them are visibly thriving. Even the Reef Culture frag tank uses Ecoxotic fixtures.

Even though this fish store uses only LED lighting and they have been proven to grow corals time and time again, many people still doubt the power of this method of lighting. LEDs seems almost too good to be true, as it is extremely energy efficient and puts out sufficient PAR for our corals to thrive long term.

Continue reading below for a dealer profile on Reef Culture and a little more information from Ecoxotic.

Dealer Profiles — Reef Culture

We’ve had tremendous feedback from both dealers and hobbyists regarding how impressed they were with Reef Culture in Tempe, AZ. When we originally visited them, back in July for their grand opening, we had an opportunity to interview owner Nick Evans and talk to him about why he chose LED lighting for his store. Check out the video below for his interview and a short tour of his store.

Ecoxotic is a strong advocate for dealers wanting to replace their existing store use fixtures and retrofit with LED lighting. Our store use program can help you:

Save money — LED lighting not only tremendously lowers your montly electric bill, LED’s last up to 50,000 hrs. (no lamp replacement), emit less heat (less your AC runs) and grow less algae (less maintenance time)

Clean things up — LED lighting is easy to install, very low profile and is very safe (low voltage)

Increase sales — not only will using LED increase your lighting sales, dealers who are illuminate their livestock agree — fish & corals look better under LED lighting vs. fluorescent & halide

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