Update to “Using Furan-2 to Cure ZoaPox”


ZoaPox on Closed Zoanthids

We recently discovered a potential treatment for ZoaPox, which was discussed in a previous article. Though we had all of the supplies at the time of writing the previous article, feet have been dragging a little bit and we’ve gotten a delayed start. Despite this, treatment is currently underway. I set up a 20-gallon long aquarium to treat the affected Zoanthids, filling it with about 10-gallons of freshly mixed saltwater, also adding a Maxi-Jet 1200 powerhead and a heater. I have placed the coral frag onto one of the we received from The Blue Glow for a product review. The purpose of using a frag rack is to keep the frag off the bottom of the aquarium, out of direct water flow and potentially accumulated detritus. One packet of Furan-2 (which treats 10-gallons) has been added to the aquarium and a small LED light is illuminating the coral. So far, the polyps are still opened up fully, indicating that the treatment is not irritating the coral.

Approximately 24-hours after the initial dose of Furan-2, I will add a second dose and wait another day. After the second 24-hour period, 25% of the water will be changed. The process will then be repeated once more, making for a total of 4 packets of Furan-2 dosed. If the ZoaPox still hasn’t gone away by the final water change, I might have to repeat the process.


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