What Happened to All the Fish Magazines?


Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Seeing as how the weather is so beautiful here, I decided to pry myself away from the computer and get out. My wife and I had to go to a birthday party, but after that we just wondered around. We stopped in one of the major book retailers and had a little coffee as we prepared to thumb through magazines. My wife grabbed her usual stack while I tried to hunt down the fish mags. I searched all over and came up empty. Even the pet section was completely devoid of any fish magazines. The store had a several different dog and cat magazines, some equestrian magazines, and even a hummingbird hobbyist magazine. They had a magazine for hummingbirds, but not a single one covering the aquarium hobby? I realize the economic downturn last year put a few magazines out of print, but there are still a few that survived. Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Aquarium Fish International, two of the largest print sources covering the aquarium industry, were also completely lacking from the store shelves. So where did they all go? Did the book mega-retailers drop them?


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