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The aquarium industry has been under a pretty constant barrage of malicious attacks, misguided legislation, misleading and outright wrong information, and a lot of speculation. The most consistent attacking has come from Hawaii, headed by Snorkel Bob and others with vested interests in the tourism industry. Well now it’s time to for aquarium hobbyists voice their opinions. Petitions Online is hosting a petition to support the availability of endemic Hawaiian fish to the aquarium hobby. Attached is the actual petition below. Please visit the petition’s website, review the information, and if it is line with your personal beliefs, sign it. Let the aquarium community know what you think.

From Petitions Online:

To: Everyone in the aquarium industry

If you Have ever purchased a Hawaiian endemic marine fish, and have successfully kept it in your aquarium for a year or more. If you would like to continue to see Endemic Hawaiian fish at your local fish stores, and you do not want to see a law passed to ban aquarium fish collecting in Hawaii. please sign this petition.


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