Customizable CoralVue Solarian LED Fixture


CoralVue Solarian High Powered LED Fixture

CoralVue is adding to their LED lineup with their new Solarian fixtures. The fixtures are ultra thin and feature replaceable hi-current LEDs, which can all be configured by the user. CoralVue offers 13 LED colors from up to 5 manufacturers, and the entire system can be upgraded with different modules and drivers. Aquarium hobbyists can even change out the lenses and reflectors, tailoring the light to whatever their needs may be. CoralVue boasts that the fixtures are easily repairable, customizable, and 95% of the internals are both modular and replaceable.

CoralVue Solarian High Powered LED Fixture

There’s no word yet on pricing, sizes, or availability, but these fixtures sound pretty promising. Customization of a fixture, though there will probably be some gray areas in the warranty, is something that is lacking in the aquarium lighting market. Besides outright do-it-yourself, there’s very few customizable light fixtures on the market. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for any news regarding these new fixtures.


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