“Solitary Coral” Wins 3rd in Microscope Photography Contest


Orange Fungia Coral from Olympus BioScapte Digital Imaging Competition

Here’s an eye-popping image for you. In a very recent photo contest, called the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition, a fluorescing orange Fungia under a microscope took third place. The photograph, titled “Solitary Coral” was taken by James Nicholson of the Coral Culture & Collaborative Research Facility. His prize will consist of $1500 worth of Olympus products.

The contest, in its 8th year, focuses on microscope photography of life science subjects. Contestants are permitted to use light microscopes of any magnification, as well as any illumination technique. Additionally, each person can submit up to five movies, images, or “image sequences”. The grand prize winner will receive up to $5000 in camera gear.


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