Update to Our Furan-2 Treatment of ZoaPox


Kedd Red Zoanthids

I have recently been trying out a rumored remedy to the dreaded ZoaPox. The treatment was found on CoralPedia, which describes Furan-2 as being the most effective medication against the ailment. Of course I was skeptical to the claims, but I wanted to test them out. A 20-gallon aquarium was set up and filled with 10-gallons of new saltwater. The troubled Zoanthid frag was added to the tank and a single packet of Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API) Furan-2 was added daily for five straight days. Much to my dismay, no progress in the frag’s health was seen. In fact, the stress from being medicated and relocated has seemingly made the coral’s issues worse. So I removed the frag from the medication soup and placed it back into the display tank. The coral’s coloration seemed a bit off, but the ZoaPox remain.

Because the problem persists, and I still have some Furan-2 packets left, I will take a slightly different approach to the same treatment. Another treatment also posted on the CoralPedia article uses a highly concentrated Furan-2 dip. A packet of the medication is put in a small cup of saltwater and the coral is submerged for only 15-30 minutes. It’s recommended to perform this dip on three consecutive days, but allowing for 4-7 days rest before the next batch of dips.


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