Aquarium Themed Christmas Trees


Saltwater Aquarium Themed Christmas Tree

Obviously the time of year is here. We pull the artificial Christmas trees down from the attic or drive to a local lot and pick out that special real tree. The family gathers ’round, loading down the tree with all sorts of ornaments. Some families decorate with angels, some with Santa Clauses, and others go a more uncommon route…saltwater fish and decor. The above Christmas tree is one of my own. It is full of fake jellyfish, plastic fish, and even a lobster tree topper. This is a tree I’ve been putting up for years, gradually adding new ornaments and taking away others. It certainly helps me get in the holiday spirit.

Now that I’ve brought up saltwater-themed trees, do any of you have pictures you want to share? If you would like to send us some photos, we will gather up a collection of saltwater Christmas trees and post them here and our Facebook page. To send us any pictures, email them to us at and we’ll put them on our site.


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