AVAST Marine Works Media Reactors Spied on Video, Updated for 2011


AVAST Marine Works, who is well known for their inexpensive acrylic fabrications such as the PegLeg CS1 DIY Cone Skimmer and several others, is updating their media reactors for 2011. The updates include threaded lids for easy fitting replacement or arrangement and quick-disconnect barbed union fittings for quick and convenient breakdown of the equipment. Additionally, several new sizes will be available. The new media reactors will come in three different diameters, with each being offered in two different heights for a total of six distinct reactors.

The video above is a demonstration of one such media reactor. The MR10-18 (which is the 18″ tall version of their 10″ diameter reactor) can be seen tumbling 2 liters of bio pellet media. Of course bio pellets are not the only media these reactors can handle, but given their overnight success of the media, it’s a smart move to market reactors this way. The AVAST Marine Works media reactors will start at $70 for the smallest model, climbing to a modest $175 for the largest…which is an absolute beast by the way. Pumps are not included, but AVAST has several suggestions listed for each of their reactors, along with additional details such as footprints and fitting sizes.


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