PegLeg Protein Skimmer from AVAST Marine


AVAST Marine Works CS1 DIY Cone Skimmer

AVAST Marine Works is releasing a newer version of their CS1 DIY cone skimmer kit that will feature a smaller footprint than its predecessor. The smaller footprint, approximately 10″x9″, is achieved by moving the pump directly underneath the skimmer’s body. To help accommodate the pump’s new location, the entire skimmer will be elevated with the help of a few “peg legs”. This design of course adds a few inches to the height of the skimmer, which is now 22″ tall, but skimmer footprints are usually the most limiting feature of their design.

Another change coming to the DIY cone skimmer is gate valve used on the previous model is being replaced with a custom micro-adjustable valve. With this new valve, AVAST claims this to be a much better system to adjust the water level in the skimmer’s body.

These skimmers aren’t quite available to hobbyists yet, though they can be preordered. Units are expected to start shipping as early as December 8th. The retail price for the skimmer and a Sicce PSK2500 pinwheel pump will be around $235, but you can buy the body separately if you want to use a different pump.


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