Blue Zoo TV Spending More Time at Newport Aquarium


Frank and his Blue ZooTV crew are sharing more of their behind the scenes visit to the Newport Aquarium, hanging out this time at their Octopus exhibit during feeding time. The star of this clip is a sub-adult Giant Pacific Octopus named “Gordy”, which can be seen exploring its environment and moving from one side of its 750-gallon double cube aquarium to the other. The two 350-gallon cubes are connected via tubes, allowing Gordy to have a more entertaining and challenging habitat.

Following a brief anatomy lesson on the Octopus, the staffers at the Newport Aquarium go into feeding mode. They demonstrate to the Blue Zoo TV bunch how the Octopus is fed, explaining that randomness in the feeding routine is actually a good thing, as it is more natural and keeps the intelligent animal guessing. This is very important for animals such as this, as they can quickly become bored in an aquarium. Keeping them engaged and learning not only benefits the crowd who is always looking for a show, but it also enriches the Ocotopus.


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