Former IceCap Inc President Joins CoralVue


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In a recent email, CoralVue announced that former IceCap Inc. president Chris Conti has joined their ranks as their new vice president of Leads Effort. This move comes as an attempt by CoralVue to demonstrate their commitment to sales and customer support, as they have been focusing lately on expanding their operations by developing new products and better customer service, as well as increased personnel.

Keep reading below for more information on Mr. Conti, as well as what he could potentially bring to the table.

Chris has been well known in the aquarium industry for some time. He was one of the original founders of IceCap Inc. and was responsible for developing the extremely popular 660 and 430 fluorescent ballasts. And according to Chris, Vue Technology will be a perfect fit. He explains, “The visualization and principles at Vue Technology support my dedication to the education and sustainability in product and services. These ideals are what have encouraged me for two decades and I look forward to working with my friends, David & Brandi D’Aquin, and the rest of the Vue Technology team for many years.”

We hope this joining of CoralVue and the former IceCap prez will lead to new products from CoralVue, especially in the lighting department. I’ve always liked CoralVue metal halide setups, especially the Lumen Brights, but they have lacked fluorescent lighting for far too long. Will we see a CoralVue 660 ballast in the future, or at least a marketable clone? That remains to be seen. But I’m sure great things will come from this.


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