Georgia Aquarium in Old School 3D


The Georgia Aquarium video experience is reaching new heights by going 3D. The video above is obviously of the world famous Whale Shark display, but to view it, you need to use those blue and red glasses. It was created by  Georgia Tech’s MARS lab, which is investigating algorithms for automatically tracking and modeling the behavior of animals. The MARS lab created the video for part of the Accessible Aquarium Project. Additionally, a few other 3D versions are out there as well.


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  • Jerad

    How far does the screen need to be away from you, I saw this and figured id try it with my glasses… or do you need a special type of monitor (I have the glasses that they give you at theaters)?

    • i heard that you just need the standard red and blue glasses. i've also heard that you might have to put them on backwards because the 3D is kind of jacked up. unfortunately, i don't have any 3D glasses at the moment.