Real Reef Live Rock from Fish Heads Inc


Fish Heads Inc Real Reef Live Rock

Fish Heads Inc, a California-based saltwater aquatics wholesaler, is responding to the environmental impacts of the live rock trade by developing their very own aquacultured live rock. Called Real Reef live rock, this rock is patent pending and will serve as a 100% environmentally friendly live rock substitute. According to Fish Heads, Real Reef won’t require an curing time, as it is packaged and shipped directly from the FHI farm. Despite this claim, I would be extremely hesitant to put this into an aquarium with live organisms, as I’m sure there will be some die off during shipping.

Fish Heads Inc Real Reef Live Rock

One of the many benefits to using a product such as Real Reef, despite the fact that it is aquacultured, is the rock will not contain any unwanted hitch hikers like Aiptasia, flatworms, or undesirable algae. Additionally, the rock is carbonate-based, allowing for great buffering ability. This rock will retail for around $8 per pound, give or take depending on the retailer, and is already available for purchase.

The images were provided from FHI and are a tad distorted unfortunately. But judging by these images, the rock looks pretty nice.


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  • Most aquacultured live rock is actually more of a detriment than harvesting live rock, because a lot of the times the sources of the carbonate material for aquaculture rock is non-renewable, whereas live rock is constantly being renewed. I'd be interested to see where they get their dry rock. However, Frank and them over at FH are on the up-and-up, so I bet it's legit.

    • i agree. the guys at fhi are great. i couldn't find info on where the rock comes from, but i had intended on doing a little extra digging to see what i could find.

    • Krypticol77

       I’m not arguing with you, but I don’t understand how harvesting dry rock to aquaculture can be more detrimental to the environment than taking actual live rock from a reef?  I realize they are probably mining this fossilized coral rock from somewhere. They are digging a big hole in the ground somewhere, but I just don’t see that being worse for mother nature than taking live rock right off the reef. I also don’t think we should count on live rock being “constantly renewed” as you say, seeing as reefs are not doing all that well out there these days…Maybe I am wrong, I do not claim to know all, just wondering is all…

  • Robert

    It is Artifical not Aquacultured nothing to die off it is man made from renewable material, and nothing to die off