Scion Magazine’s Film About the Aquarium Hobby


Here’s an amazing video, called “Exotic Fish”, presented by Scion Magazine. The automaker’s Audio Visual website, which focuses on art, film, music, and lifestyle, presents us with a very well made video focusing on the saltwater aquarium hobby. The storyline starts on the importer level, with Miguel Tolosa from Pacific Aqua Farms giving us his take on why he thinks aquariums are so popular. Following the importer, aquarium enthusiasts give their view of the hobby, describing it as an addiction…a view that I’m sure none of us would disagree with.

Most outsiders do not understand just why hobbyists are just so ate up with aquariums. I get made fun of by family members and co-workers on a semi-regular basis, none of whom understand the obsession. “Exotic Fish”, in my opinion, does a great job of bridging the gap between those that are addicted and those that aren’t.

This video speaks to me on a very emotional level by examining the intense connection many of us have to our livestock. Veterinarian Dr. Hildreth explains that fish can recognize different people, even forming an attachment to those that care for them. He tells us of fish that would literally swim into his hand wanting to be held, which is something I can relate to deeply as I too formed that relationship with several fish that have come and gone through my aquariums over the years.


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