The New Professional Aquarists Association


Professional Aquarists Association(I apologize for all of the clutter in the screenshot above. I’m still playing with this new computer and trying to get used to all of the built-in features)

There’s a new aquarium related website that has just launched called the Professional Aquarists Association (PAA). There’s not a whole lot of information on this brand new site, but the organization has apparently been started by Bob Fenner (of Wet Web Media) and will focus on furthering the knowledge of everyone associated with aquariums. However, the organization will deal primarily with professionals and, most importantly, scientists in the industry, allowing them to share knowledge and experiences so as to better the hobby/industry.

Of course, there is a forum. I mean, what good aquarium website is without one right? But it differs than your traditional salty forum in that there are only areas for professional conversation (retail, wholesale, and service), science and technology, public aquariums, and media sources like print and Internet. Additionally, there’s no buy/sell/trade forums, so you’ll have to search for and/or peddle your used reef junk elsewhere.

I’ve already joined PAA in support of Bob Fenner (he’s done wonders for this hobby) and I certainly hope other aquarium professionals would take a look at the group as I truly feel it could benefit most of us. Good luck with your new venture, Bob. I hope your new brainchild exceeds all expectations.


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