Video of the AVAST PegLeg Cone Skimmer in Action


A few days ago, we brought you the AVAST Marine Works PegLeg Cone Skimmer. This new skimmer is an updated version of AVAST’s CS1 DIY conical protein skimmer, with differences such as an under-body pump, smaller footprint, and updated plumbing. When the original information about the “PegLeg” was first released, the only visual information we had was a computer generated drawing. In lieu of this, AVAST has recently released a video showing the skimmer doing what it does best.

The PegLeg protein skimmers still aren’t available to hobbyists, but they will emerge very soon. AVAST expects a release date of December 8th. The retail price for the skimmer and a Sicce PSK2500 pinwheel pump will be around $235, but you can buy the body separately if you want to use a different pump.


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