Ecoxotic Photon Cannon-Powered Reef


Here’s a video of a unique reef aquarium illuminated by nothing but Ecoxotic Photon Cannon LED fixtures. Bon’s Lagoon comes in at just under 200-gallons and measures 52″ x 36″ x 24″. The lighting scheme consists of three 12000K and two 453nm Photon Cannons in an alternating sequence. You might also notice the amazing amount of flow. With the three VorTech pumps alone this tank is sitting at approximately 50x turnover. Add the dual Vertex Mocean oscillating returns to the mix and this tank has to pushing well over 10,000 gph of water flow at any given point. On top of that, the flow patterns have to be extremely turbulent and random.

This minimalist rimless aquarium is still quite young, so there are not any corals at this point. Despite this, the tank is still very unique based just on the lighting scheme alone. I certainly look forward to the maturation of this aquarium and how well the lights will provide for the eventual corals’ needs.


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