Update to the “Ecoxotic Photon Cannon-Powered Reef”


Only a short time ago, the stunning reef in the video above was nothing more than an LED illuminated aquarium full of live rock and Chromis. At the beginning of January, we showed off a video of “Bon’s Lagoon” because it featured five Ecoxotic Photon Cannons. There were no corals, but just a pile of rocks. However, the bare tank was just oozing with potential. Our hunch obviously proved correct, as the tank above has fully exceeded any expectations we could have ever had. It is full of large mature Acropora corals, a nicely pulsing wave, and a few great looking clams front and center. The lighting scheme consists of three 12000K and two 453nm Photon Cannons in an alternating sequence, and you might notice the PAR38 spotlights that have also been added.

We’ll continue to follow this stunning tank and hopefully the next four months will be as productive as the first four have been.


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